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Diamond Power continuing a tradition of high quality products and services, is proud to offer the IK-530 Retractable Sootblower, designed specifically for power utility boilers and general duty service.  The single rack and pinion design offers an economical alternative for those seeking performance and durability, backed by the Diamond Power name.

This incredibly rugged solution may be used in a broad range of applications, on boilers up to 22 meters in furnace width. 

While the IK-530 differs from the dual rack and pinion drive system of the industry standard Diamond Power IK-525, most of the IK-530 carriage parts are inter change able with the IK-525 carriage. The open design of the IK-530 pro vides easy access to key components making main ten ance and service convenient while still providing reliable performance you expect. The IK-530 carriage is well balanced across the axis of the sootblower travel so as to provide smooth operation and minimum rack wear. The low-maintenance, reliable design of the IK-530 is evident in each of the components – from the patented, mechanically operated poppet valve to the unique, flexible seat and disc that prevents leaks and distortion from thermal stress.


Cleaning Coverage(m) ~11(Lance and feed tube auxiliary support is needed
when the travel exceeds 7.62)
Blowing medium  Steam or air
Blowing radius(m) ~2
Blowing arc 360°
Blowing pressure Based on technical requirements ( Please see Note below)
Beam Single gear rack drive.
Gear Rack Dual bearing rollers with adjustable rotation direction.
Motor type 1.1KW 1400RPM
Motor power 380V 50Hz 3P Other voltages and frequencies available 
NOTE: Parameters like travel, travel speed, rotation speed, number and diameter of nozzle, pressure and flow of blowing medium are decided according to the specification of furnace, characteristic of fuel and ash, gas temperature and specific condition of the blowing medium.