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The GasTemp is a small, light weight, rugged, optical pyrometer that directly measures the actual furnace gas temperature. The concept for the GasTemp is based on Planck’s equation for spectral radiant emittance, along with special spectral emissivity analyses for each type and class of fuel, under varying firing conditions.

The current GasTemp represents four generations of improvements and has been used in hundreds of applications, both for short-term diagnostic tests and in many permanent intelligent cleaning systems. The GasTemp is an optical pyrometer with a measurement range of 300°C to 1540°C and an accuracy of ±27.8°C. The depth of penetration for the measurement is up to 15 meters; the field of view is generally selected as either 3 or 6° depending on the application. Two GasTemps would typically be used at the furnace exit plane to provide right and left side measurements.