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The Diamond 500 Series Thermo-Probe® is a mechanical device for positioning a thermocouple element in the furnace gas stream for temperature monitoring. Refer to Figure 1 for an overall view. The thermocouple is mounted in the end of a probe tube which transverses into and out of the gas stream. The probe tube travels at a nominal speed of 3000 mm/min per minute during forward and reverse travel. The Thermo-Probe® is electric motor driven and can be controlled by a local or remote push-button station or an automatic panel.

Gas temperatures in the area just ahead of the superheater tubes at the exit of the furnace can be critical during boiler start-up before steam circulation is sufficient for cooling. The Thermo-Probe®, in permitting continuous monitoring of these temperatures, greatly reduces the danger of heat damage to the tubes.

The Thermo-Probe® can also be used to obtain gas temperatures which are used as an aid in controlling low load operation.

The Thermo-Probe® is suitable for use as a start-up device in gas temperatures up to about 677℃ without cooling and as high as 1204℃ when properly cooled.  Individual components and parts identification of the Thermo-Probes® for each contract are illustrated on the forms attached to the rear of these instructions.