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The Ash Gate and Housing installed below the bottom ash storage hopper controls the discharge from the storage hoppers. The gate operation is controlled hydraulically, providing a smooth operation when opening and tight seating when closed. This unique design of our enclosed gate in the feed housing confines the mixture of water and ash and any resultant fumes. The gate housing allows the release of displaced air and the front cover can be unbolted for major equipment maintenance. A flanged outlet on the bottom of the housing allows for connection to other manufacturers' material handling equipment.

The Double-Roll Clinker Grinder is used in bottom ash systems capable of handling wet or dry materials. The double-roll design is used to "grab" and pull material into the crusher handling even the most severe operating conditions.
Our grinder efficiently sizes the solid material to be conveyed in material handling systems and feeds the crushed ash into the receiving pipeline at a consistent rate. Grinder rolls are constructed of either manganese steel that hardens with use or Ni-hard rolls that already have an "as-cast" hardness that is specifically suited for use with Western PRB coal ash.

The Allen-Sherman-Hoff Hydrobin® Dewatering Bin is designed to remove and drain water from solid materials that have been pumped into the bin in a slurry form. The dewatering bin, a cylindrical steel tank with a conical bottom, is custom sized for various material tonnage capacity requirements. Typically constructed of 3/8" mild steel plate, the Hydrobin® can also be constructed with alloy materials for exceptionally corrosive conditions.

The Hydrobin® Gate controls the discharge of material from dewatering bins. The gate is positioned by means of a hydraulic cylinder operator and four-way valve (manually or electrically operated). This cylinder-operated gate moves on a series of rollers mounted on eccentric axles. The gate can be adjusted to maintain close clearance between the gate and cast iron frame. The sealing tube in the gate frame is designed to eliminate leakage.

Hydro-ejector® Jet Pumps are designed for bottom ash, mill rejects, pyrites and other low capacity applications. The water powered jet pumps transport a mixture of water and solid, granular material through a transport pipeline. Nozzles are made of stainless steel or tungsten carbide and are available in different designs to meet system parameters.

The patented MAC™ (Magaldi Ash Cooler) Dry Bottom Ash System is a unique system for dry extraction, cooling and handling of bottom ash from pulverized coal-fired boilers. It eliminates water usage in the cooling and conveying of bottom ash. With the MAC™ system, operational and maintenance costs are significantly less compared to the conventional wet systems. This fully automatic system cools ash using only a small controlled amount of ambient air. Contact us today for a payback analysis on a new or retrofit system.

The Ni-hard clinker grinder rolls, a component for the bottom ash double-roll grinders, crush bottom ash material to a suitable transport size. Our grinder rolls are made of hard-as-cast Ni-hard for a longer wear life - up to five times that of work-hardened manganese rolls (depending on service conditions). Superior design, material, fabrication and assembly make Allen-Sherman-Hoff's Ni-hard grinder rolls ideal for grinding the softer bottom ash that is typical of Western coals.